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Since October 2021, the HPCSA has slightly amended the process of submission of evidence of CPD submissions in effort to improve efficiency of the process. We discussed the basic changes in my previous blog, but to summarise, important changes to the CPD programme relate to:

  1. Discontinuation of the sampling of health practitioners from the HPCSA’s database to verify compliance because that was ineffective and only covering up to 10% of registered practitioners instead of ensuring compliance for all health practitioners on an ongoing basis.
  2. The introduction of an online self-service platform on the HPCSA’s website for all registered health practitioners to submit enquiries and/or upload the required evidence of CPD compliance (especially exceptional evidence not available through CPD providers, for example, when submitting certificate from an international provider).
  3. The HPCSA approved that authorized facilitators and providers of CPD programmes submit attendance registers, or any evidence, directly to the HPCSA on behalf of the health practitioners. The HPCSA then updates the practitioner’s CPD profile.
  4. The above arrangement around point submission ensures that the HPCSA can monitor and communicate compliance as part of regular correspondence with all health practitioners.
  5. Issuance of Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) certificates is no longer a mandatory requirements, as the information is provided directly through the approved facilitators and providers of the CPD activities. In fact, recently the HPCSA requested that providers no longer issue certificates as this leads to confusion around submissions.

According to the HPCSA website, the self-service platform on the HPCSA website is for practitioners to submit queries, raise service requests and upload necessary evidence of compliance for CPD programme in order to meet requirements in terms of Section 26 of the Health Professions Act (Act No 56 of 1974).  However, remember that you no longer submit your CPD evidence from your side as providers now submit on your behalf.  It is only in exceptional circumstances that practitioners submit their own evidence, e.g. certificate from an international provider.

I have realized that many practitioners are struggling to access their HPCSA online profiles.  I came across a blog on the HPCSA website that gives a step-by-step explanation of how to access or activate your online profile.  

Important to note is that all registered practitioners have been assigned accounts, so please do not create a new account.  

Practitioners who are already registered on the HPCSA portal can use their username (ID number or passport) and password to access the portal. 

Practitioners using the portal for the first time need to register by clicking on the Forgot username and password. Complete the required fields and click Reset My Password. An email will be sent to the registered email address and an SMS will be sent to the registered cell number. If you don’t receive any communication, click on the Recover Account at the bottom of your screen.

For the detailed step-by-step HPCSA guidelines, please click here:

HPCSA portal for online registration and practitioner cards – HPCSA (