10 Article Package 2024 – Industrial Psychology (30 CEU’s)


This 10 Article Package consists of 10 x HPCSA Accredited peer-reviewed articles with 10 x multiple-choice questionnaires and is accredited for a total of 30 CEU’s (including 6 Ethics CEU’s):

HPCSA Accreditation Numbers:

PSB002/001/01/2024 for 24 general ceus in Level 1 for attendance.
PSB002/002/01/2024 for 6 ceus in ethics in Level 1 for attendance.

  1. Schneider, B. and Pulakos, E.D. (2022). Expanding the I-O psychology mindset to organizational success. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 15(3), pp.385–402. doi:https://doi.org/10.1017/iop.2022.27.
  2. Banks, G.C., Knapp, D.J., Lin, L., Sanders, C.S. and Grand, J.A. (2022). Ethical decision making in the 21stcentury: A useful framework for industrial-organizational psychologists. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 15(2), pp.220–235. doi:https://doi.org/10.1017/iop.2021.143. ETHICS
  3. Tafvelin, S., Lundmark, R. and Von Thiele Schwarz, U. (2022). Why do leaders engage in destructive behaviours? The role of leaders’ working environment and stress. Journal of Occupational Organizational Psycholology. 2023;96:165–181.
  4. Maftei, A., Holman, A.-C. and Elenescu, A.-G. (2022). The dark web of machiavellianism and psychopathy: Moral disengagement in IT organizations. Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 18(2), pp.181–192. doi:https://doi.org/10.5964/ejop.4011. ETHICS
  5. Molino, M., Kovalchuk, L.S., Ghislieri, C. and Spagnoli, P. (2022). Work addiction among employees and self-employed workers: An investigation based on the Italian version of the Bergen Work Addiction Scale. Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 18(3), pp.279–292. doi:https://doi.org/10.5964/ejop.2607.
  6. Van Lill, X. and Van der Merwe, G. (2022). Differences in self- and managerial-ratings on generic performance dimensions. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 48. doi:https://doi.org/10.4102/sajip.v48i0.2045.
  7. Mabasa, T.D., & Flotman, A-P. (2022). Employees’ experiences of change management in the implementation of a performance management system. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology/SA Tydskrif vir Bedryfsielkunde, 48(0), a1980. https://doi. org/10.4102/sajip.v48i0.1980.
  8. Korneeva, Y., Shahova, L., & Skripchenko. N. (2022). Mediators’ professional competence and personal qualities in conducting conciliation processes with varying degrees of success. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology/SA Tydskrif vir Bedryfsielkunde, 48(0), a1870. https://doi. org/10.4102/sajip.v48i0.1870.
  9. Milner, K.M., & Criticos. N. (2023). Psychological capital, innovators’ DNA and innovative behaviour. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology/SA Tydskrif vir Bedryfsielkunde, 49(0), a1994. https://doi. org/10.4102/sajip.v49i0.1994.
  10. Botha, J.-A., & Masenge, A. (2022). The Adult Learner Self-Directedness Scale: Validity and reliability assessment. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology/SA Tydskrif vir Bedryfsielkunde, 48(0), a1926. https://doi. org/10.4102/sajip.v48i0.1926.



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