2024 Personal Insight


HPCSA Accreditation number:

PSB002/140/01/2024 for 8 general ceu’s in Level 1


Personal Insight or self-insight is the ability to understand one’s own emotions, behaviours, thoughts, and beliefs, and the impact the above has on one’s general well-being. It is essential for emotional intelligence and mental health.

Increased personal insight leads to increased responses to the plight of others, which in return improves relationships and connections with other human beings. Research has also shown that people with higher levels of insight have higher self-esteem, are happier in their jobs, more attentive, and generally have a more positive sense of well-being. All the aforementioned is important for the optimal functioning of health care professionals.


  • Gain in-depth knowledge about what self-insight is and how it influences your health.
  • Understand the difference between personal knowledge and personal insight.
  • Discover personal strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative habits.
  • Gain a better understanding of emotions and how to be in control of one’s emotions.
  • Understand the influence of beliefs on one’s well-being.
  • Learn how to control one’s thoughts and help others to be in control of their thoughts and emotions.


  • Difference between self-knowledge and self-insight.
  • How to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • What are habits and how do they influence one’s wellbeing?
  • Personal values and the influence of values on wellbeing.
  • What are beliefs and how do they influence one’s happiness?
  • How to be in control of one’s thoughts.
  • Importance of wellness for practitioners – ethical aspects regarding self-insight.

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